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Formerly ANZ Bank, Eagle Star Insurance – Investment Officer. State Insurance Investments, Property & Lending Mgt, Estates & Trusts Management at State Trustees, Perin Court Project, Guardian Estates – Conveyancing Practice, Property Research, Development, Subdivisions. Lent mortgage funds to some of the now wealthiest Australians and the next 50 years should be no different than the last. The Banks going back to their real area of expertise is going to open up new opportunities for the courageous at heart. Great and interesting times are ahead for those eager to benefit by partnering with banks. Learn how to benefit from the bank’s new focus.  Forget the bank bashers because they wasting time and leaving opportunities behind. Always support Banks and Their Vital Benefits.

When we combine our experience with that of a well-known research giant, then we can pack a powerful punch for any business striving to improve their sales and marketing performance. Most of my career has been involved in research, investigations, analysis, and finding solutions. Information is sometimes hidden nearby which only experience can help discover.  In one project I later found out I was finding missing people with the help of records even the police did not realise we had been storing for some years. My recommendation to the Registrar at Perin Court has helped Sheriffs find people more easily since 1994. Had I accepted the position of Investment Secretary with Nauru Trust during about 1990, the conmen would not have destroyed the Nauruan people’s wealth and perhaps the Perin Court would not have had the benefit of my advice. 

Having worked for both Treasury & Justice Departments can also offer property and other asset related research projects for Local, State & Federal Government.  

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