Who Am I ?

I am Gilbert Boffa. [See details at bottom ]

I recently changed focus by limiting my services to Offering Debt Collection Methods Advice To Councils of State Governments & Allied Authorities. Debt Payment Counselling and Searching for missing or lost assets for clients.

If you have been fined and you have not updated your correct registered address, then you may not receive the mail advising you of the fine and you will run a very high risk of incurring substantial additional fees. Contact:

Fines LifeCycle – Fines Victoria https://online.fines.vic.gov.au › The-fines-lifecycle

The fines system in Victoria offers an easier way for people to deal with some offences – it gives them the option to ask for a review or to pay a fixed penalty, rather than go to court.

Fines Victoria https://online.fines.vic.gov.au

Problems paying your fines | ASIC’s MoneySmart

https://www.moneysmart.gov.au › … › Managing debts › Trouble with debt
May 28, 2018 – Consequences of not paying your fine Here are some of the things that could happen to you if you don’t pay your fines: Suspension or cancellation of your driver’s licence or car registration. Court enforcement action. Publication of your name on a website determined by the Fines Enforcement and Recovery Officer.

FINES: If you owe fines, then I strongly advise you resolve the issue immediately by contacting the fines issuer or pay the fine within the time frame given or negotiated. Each State in Australia issue their own fines and a quick search of google will reveal who to contact.

DO NOT attempt to delay payment if you have the financial resources to pay. I can explain all the compelling reasons why you should pay the money and not try to avoid payment.  In most cases I would strongly advise against undertaking Community Service work in lieu to paying the fine. Pay the fines in money and move on with your life or business.  Contact me for the compelling reasons.


Dont take cash out of your business as every dollar you take will cost a multiple on your business goodwill and also your ability to borrow from lenders to develope and grow your business and more importantly the ability of a potential buyer to borrow from lenders when you decide to sell.  Every $1000 you take out of your business in cash might cost you anything up to 2-3 times EBIAT, and therefore  is a false benefit and lost opportunity to use & grow the value of your business.


Some business owners have an obsession about wanting to pay less taxes and are sometimes looking for schemes presented to them to help in their cause, however all the schemes I’ve seen have put all their business assets in further jeopardy risking their total business. My view is to forget about all the scams presented to you and stick to making money and pay the correct taxes because the honest way is the best policy. Keep the money under your own control to benefit your business or your family. Ask ASIC & ATO for a list of failed schemes and scams.

The Banking Royal Commission has forever changed the way bankers look at businesses and true cashflow is king and true profits are important to be declared years before any business is offered for sale. Whether we like to pay taxes or not, the fact remains the Federal Government and the States are each our silent business partners from the cradle to the grave and beyond.

There are 3 options for Business Owners wanting to sell or retire & final achievable price may be affected by management decisions taken in previous years. 

1/ Transfer of business to interested children if they are competent.            Some are not.

2/  Sale of business


3/ Closing down. (Sale of stock & equipment for pennies.) 

Former Career: ANZ Bank, Eagle Star Insurance, State Insurance Office – Investments, Property & Lending, Estates & Trusts Mgt, Perin Court Project, Private Investigations, Searching for missing people and assets, Guardian Estates – Conveyancing, Property Research. Homeless Accommodation Advice & Management.
If you are on LinkedIn on some days you might find me making comments mainly on finance and economics. linkedin.com/in/gilbert-boffa-16a35b167

Admin of Yarra Valley Jobs Group on facebook TM. Employers encouraged to post local jobs in this group.